A Few Words From The Team Leader

Today, the main challenge for the team is to grow as quickly as we can, globally and sustainably. mhlogistica is a world-wide phenomenon and our brand reaches fans from the West Coast to the Far East. For the industry as a whole, it’s still largely about getting the recognition regarding its size and consequently its value. We’ve come very far and our future is bright, with hundreds of millions of unique viewers world-wide, but for many brands and organizations mhlogistica are still new, unknown and thus risky.

Some typical struggles our E-sports team faces are mainly based on user opinion. As our team has always had the community’s best interest in mind, We always strives to take into consideration what our fans want. We change and improve various aspects on our site to make it more user friendly as much as we can. Attempting to please all of the fans and supporters proves to be very difficult at times, but I believe we do our best to accommodate most in every aspect of our career.


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